Jen Stock Designs

Web Design

Redesigned with the intent of creating a better user experience to increase sales. The new design organizes and categorizes the jewelry in a simple way so users can find the pieces they are looking for. We have heard positive feedback about the design and ease of the new site and sales have already increased in the first month.

Social Media Marketing

Handle content creation for Jen Stock Design’s Instagram and Facebook. Post jewelry and brand-related content such as inspirational quotes, content focusing on yoga, mindfulness, and wellness to increase engagement, brand exposure and drive sales. Also implemented product tagging on Instagram and a shop on Facebook to create ease and fluidity for consumers purchasing products.


Email Marketing

Create and deploy emails to Jen Stock’s distribution list to promote events, introduce new products, promotion and drive sales.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 2.28.50 PM

Graphic Design

Create posters for events to share via social media, email and as personal invitations, to boost attendance and sales.

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